I know that this doesn’t go with my blog, but I don’t care. This is beautiful and it makes my love for Josh Hutcherson even stronger. I would love to have my child to tell me that they are ‘gay’ or ‘lesbian’, I would be proud.

This speech legit made me cry. It really shows that he doesn’t care, he just loves everyone no matter what. We should all do that cause were all just another human.

Because it is ok. 

I look up to him so much more now than ever. Truly love him and all he stands for

You shouldn’t have to go out of your way and tell your parents you are gay/lesbian. It doesn’t matter. I wish people found it acceptable for there son to come home and say that they met a guy they really like or vice versa. We shouldn’t have to state the fact of your sexuality. it should be totally acceptable to be with someone of the same gender. It’s normal.